ENZYME LT-TYPE   Amylase enzyme for low temperature in textile application.
  ENZYME HT-TYPE   Amylase enzyme for high temperature in textile application.
  VITANOL NO-933   Nonionic scouring and wetting agent
  VITANOL A-203   Biodegradable nonionic scouring and wetting agent.
  VITANOL X-100   Scouring wetting agent Alcohol Ethoxylate
  VITAWET OTP-10   Anionic wetting agent
  VITABOS-TEX   Wetting agent for mercerized
  VITALESH 600     Sequestering agent.
  VITALESH D-25   Chelating and dispersing.
  VITASTAB TYPE   Non – silicate type stabilizer for Hydrogen peroxide
  VITATEX KO   Hydrogen killer
  VITANOX-200   Hydrogen killer Catalase Enzyme