DEFOAMER N-59   Water base antifoam.
  ANTIFOAM K-75   High antifoam performance.
  DEFOAMER 800   Antifoam silicone emulsion type.
  VITASIZE TO   Emulsion sizing agent for acid papermaking.
  VITASIZE TO-35C   New cationic sizing agent for rosin emulsion.
  VITASIZE TO-150   Internal sizing agent of cationic polymer type.
  VITASIZE AKD-2000   Excellent sizing effect and depressed foam even with small dosage.
  VITAMINE-250   Exceptional effect in dye and pigment fixing.
  VITAMINE-100   Works great under acidic pH.
  VITATEX AP-1500   Hight strength requirement paper.
  VITATEX CP-2000   Hight strength requirement paper and excellent effect on tensile strength.
  VITAFIX-100   Improvement in retention, drainage effect and strength.
  VITACIDE-B   Hight biocide effective in microbes and fungi.
  VITATEX AC-100   Quick decomposition of organic and inorganic contaminates by good penetration and dispersion.
  VITASOFT MIN-100   Improved softness on fiber. (toilet paper, thin paper)
  VITATEX WN-82   Releasing agent for dryer of toilet paper and tissue.
  VITATEX PRO-907   Excellent stability to heat, sunlight and rain.
  VITASIZE UP-80   Reduction on internal sizing agent usage by improvement of sizing effect.
  VITATEX PW-38   Excellent dryer anti-dusting effect on various paper.
  ANTISLIP-20   Excellent in preventing slipping of paper.