1. Striving for Developing Product and Service Quality
  • We strive for creating products and services of which quality is beyond the customer expectations.
  • Integrity is our basics in terms of quality and price.
  • We will continuously improve and develop the product and service quality to ensure the utmost satisfaction of the customers.
  • We will regularly review our performance and continuously develop it.
  • We will solve customers’ problems to ensure that their wishes are fulfilled.
  • We welcome customers’ feedback for the best improvement of our products and services.
2. Developing our Personnel Quality
  • We will support appropriate personnel development to ensure compliance with the corporate quality policy.
  • We are determined to develop potentials of our employees by providing them with the opportunities to learn and create corporate culture that fosters them to grow with the company.
  • We will improve the quality of our employees for the most effective performances and continuous development of the organization.
  • We focus on raising the employees’ awareness of positive attitudes, corporate loyalty and collaboration in developing the quality of the organization.
  • We care about our employees and do our best to make sure that employees who work for us will have good living and be happy.

3. Social Responsibility

We strive for developing our business in the way that is environmentally friendly as well as assisting the society where possible.